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         June 15-17, 2001 it’s our intent to be on hand at the Cougar Club of America’s “Nationals” show in Williamsburg, Virginia to shoot the cars and this year’s crop of swimsuit models for both the official CCOA 2002 Cougar Calendar and its unofficial (but equally delightful) bikini-studded counterpart, Cougars and Kittens 2002.
         At this writing, the 2001 edition of Cougars and Kittens is sold out, and those of you who have one may well be sitting on a future collector’s item, since this was the first year in which we produced a swimsuit calendar. As far as we know, there are still a few official 2001 CCOA Calendars available. For more information on them, contact Randy Goodling, 2046 Mill Road, Elizabethtown, PA 17022-9401.
         Having learned a few things about calendar layout – and how to work best with our very talented printers – we’re in the process of putting together two calendars for 2002 that will be even better than those we put out in 2001.
         Helping us at the Williamsburg show will be the blonde and lovely Miss Melissa (whom some of you may have met at Cocoa Beach, Florida’s “Beach Blast VII” - above) and the similarly lovely (in a brunette sort of way) Miss Shannin (below). Both ladies promise to be major contributors to the effort to beautify the 2002 Kittens offering.
         I'll also be pulling out all the stops as far as equipment and film this time.  Since I’m driving my own ’68 XR7 to the show, I’ll have trunk space to haul all the gear I can’t readily fit under an airline seat. So an awful lot of this year’s images will be going on larger format films than ever before.  And as always, we’ll be bringing our considerable E6 process laboratory talents to bear to assure that the 2002 calendars will be as colorful as they can possibly be.
         Please do feel free to stop by and say hello as we shoot (probably mostly in the late afternoon of June 16th) both “cars only” and “cars and swimsuits” photos.  We’re always happy to knock out a few extra shots for car owners.  We may have the video cameras running for a “making of the calendars” video to come out some time in the future.  And we expect that Melissa and Shannin will have a few photos that they’ll be happy to autograph for their fans, as well.
         For June 15-17, the Patrick Henry Inn in Williamsburg is definitely the place to be.