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         Okay, Iím embarrassed.† Here Iíve set up a bridal section on this website, and Iím scrambling to find enough photos to fill it.† The trouble is, bridal really isnít my main business.† I generally only shoot weddings when the bride or groom is a friend or business associate.† The usual scenario is that a model with whom Iíve worked regularly comes in to my studio and insists that I do the job.† And when I take it, I by and large resign myself that itís a ďgoodwillĒ exercise rather than anything designed to make me rich.† So when itís all over, I give all the prints (and negatives) to the subjects and let them go find their own printers to make the zillions of copies for friends and relatives.† That gets me out of the loop quickly and lets me concentrate on my real businesses of commercial, fine art, and glamour photography.
         The net result is that Iím really having to dig to find material, here.† Iíve shot a lot of weddings before, I just have few examples of that work at my disposal.
         So I apologize in advance if this is a bit sketchy.† Hopefully itíll give you some idea of my style.† And if you need a reference after you see (and hopefully like) this, I can provide a reference from a happy bride and groom or two.
         Please be patient, and I promise that in the future Iíll make a point of getting electronic copies of the wedding photos I produce before I give them all away Ė never to be seen again.
         The bride here is somebody who modeled for me professionally for a while before she got hitched.† And, bless her, she had enough publication-ready photographs of herself that she wasnít in the mood to work at looking like a model at her wedding.† She (and her new husband) just went out and had one heck of a lot of fun.† And it showed in the photos.
         Relax and enjoy your big day, and your photos will look this goodÖ