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         Below is a list of potential shots that may present themselves at your wedding.  I have yet to see a wedding that included all of them, but most weddings will have a little of what you see listed here.
         I present the list mainly because I want to know which of these shots is important to you if I’m doing the job.  (And if you can’t convince me to take the job, this list will at least give you some idea where to start when hiring somebody else.)  Frankly, this is a very long list, and nobody is going to get all of these without having an assistant – who will most likely not be doing the same quality of work as the lead photographer.  So when you work with somebody who works alone, be aware that when you say “I want all of these shots,” he’s probably going to respond with something like, “Welcome to Fantasy Island.”  And when you ask somebody with an assistant for all of this, you run the risk that the lead photographer will decide that the one shot you really want is the one to pass off to his gofer – the first semester photography student at the local community college.
         Bottom line, look through this list and prioritize what you want.  Pick a scale (1-5, 1-7, 1-10…  I don’t care) and mark up one of these sheets (conveniently supplied on this website in PDF format to download) to let me (or anybody else) know what really matters to you.  And if you have something that isn’t included here, by all means add it in.  This is a list that’s continually evolving; and until I did about three Polish weddings in a row, it never occurred to me to add “Grandma stands on table at reception and leads drinking cheer” to the list.
         Note that I include “Bridal Shower” and “Bachelor Party” on the list.  You’re going to have to tell me what you want here, since these affairs are all over the map in terms of content and MPAA rating.  Be aware that these two events are not included in most of my standard packages; and depending on the planned activities, I may ask an additional deposit to indemnify my equipment.
         Also think twice about getting that shot of the Groom with the “Amazing Miss Sindee Bubbles and her Magic Feather Boa” if anyone is planning on having to pass a Supreme Court confirmation hearing.  I don’t let my negatives out ever; but if you made copies for everyone at your decadent little soiree, it’s out of my control and in the hands of the Right Honorable Senator Killjoy.

The “Classic” Bridal Shots

A Week Before

___ Portraits of Bride and Groom

Bridal Shower

Bachelor Party

At the Rehearsal

___ Informal shots of the “Practice” Ceremony
___ Shots of the Rehearsal Dinner

At the Beauty Parlor

___ Getting Hair and Makeup Done

At the Bride’s House

___ Mother Adjusting Veil
___ Bride and Bridesmaids Getting Dressed
___ Bride Putting on Garter
___ Bride in Dressing Room with Mirror
___ Bride Pinning Corsage on Father
___ Flower Girl Handing Bouquet to Bride
___ Portrait of Mother and Bride
___ Portrait of Father And Bride
___ Brothers and Sisters and Bride
___ Bride-Full Length
___ Bride-Half Length
___ Bride-Close Up
___ Bride with mother-Full Length
___ Bride with mother-Close Up
___ Bride with father-Full Length
___ Bride with father-Close Up
___ Bride pinning on father's boutonniere
___ Bride with Both Parents-Full Length
___ Bride with Parents-Close Up
___ Bride with Grandparents-Full Length
___ Bride with Grandparents-Close Up
___ Bride with sisters-Full Length
___ Bride with sisters-Close Up
___ Bride with brothers-Full Length
___ Bride with brothers-Close Up
___ Bride with immediate family
___ Bride with Maid of Honor-Full Length
___ Bride with Maid of Honor-Close Up
___ Bride with her attendants-Full Length
___ Bride with her attendants-Close Up
___ Bride & flower girl/ring bearer
___ Bride Leaving House
___ Father Helping Bride into Car

The Groom Before the Ceremony

___ Groom-Full Length
___ Groom-Half Length
___ Groom-Close Up
___ Groom putting on bow tie
___ Groom with mother-Full Length
___ Groom with mother-Close Up
___ Groom with father-Full Length
___ Groom with father-Close Up
___ Groom with Parents-Full Length
___ Groom with Parents-Close Up
___ Groom with Grandparents-Full Length
___ Groom with Grandparents-Close Up
___ Groom with sisters-Full Length
___ Groom with sisters-Close Up
___ Groom with brothers-Full Length
___ Groom with brothers-Close Up
___ Groom with Immediate Family

At the Church or Synagogue Prior to the Ceremony

___ Groom and Groomsmen
___ Groom with Best Man (possibly shaking hands?)
___ Adjusting and/or Fumbling with Bow Ties
___ Groom with Best Man and Minister
___ Signing Marriage Certificate
___ Groom Having a Slash from the Flask
___ Bride and Bridesmaids in Vestibule
___ Bride's parents being seated
___ Bride’s Mother on Usher’s Arm
___ Groom's parents being seated
___ Groom’s Mother on Usher’s Arm
___ Grandparents being seated
___ Guests Taking their Seats
___ Any Shots of Singers or Musicians at Ceremony

During the Ceremony

___ Groom and Groomsmen Entering Sanctuary
___ Flower girl walking down aisle
___ Ring Bearer walking down aisle
___ Bridesmaids walking down aisle
___ Maid of Honor walking down aisle
___ Father walking Bride down aisle
___ Father giving bride away
___ Bride & Groom exchanging vows
___ Bride & Groom exchanging rings
___ Kiss at Altar
___ Bride & Groom lighting candle
___ Minister Presenting Couple to Congregation
___ Bride & Groom Coming Down Aisle
___ Time Exposure of Area During Ceremony

After the Ceremony at the Church or Synagogue

___ Groom Kissing Bride at the Altar (set up)
___ Groom Putting Ring on Bride’s Finger (set up)
___ Receiving Line Right After Ceremony
___ Bride and Groom on Steps of Church
___ Getting into Car or Limo
___ Shot while seated in Limo
___ Interior Shots of Church and Grounds
___ Pictures of receiving line
___ Bride & Groom exiting church
___ Bride & Groom getting into limo
___ Bride & Groom's first toast in limo

Between the Ceremony and the Reception

___ Bride & Groom Kissing
___ Bride & Groom-Full Length
___ Bride & Groom-Half Length
___ Bride & Groom-Close Up
___ Bride & Groom "gazing" at each other
___ Bride & Groom looking out window
___ Bride & Groom holding hands
___ Close-up of rings
___ Bride & Groom with Bride's parents
___ Bride & Groom with Groom's parents
___ Bride & Groom w/Bride's extended family
___ Bride & Groom w/Groom's extended family
___ Outdoor Shots of Bride and Groom
___ Outdoor Shots of Wedding Party
___ Shots of Groom and Best Man
___ Shots of Groom and Ushers
___ Shots of Bride and Maid of Honor
___ Shots of Bride and Bridesmaids

At the Reception

___ Parents being announced
___ Wedding Party being announced
___ Bride & Groom Arriving / being Announced
___ Receiving Line
___ Bride & Groom's first dance
___ Wedding party dancing
___ Bride's dance with father
___ Groom's dance with mother
___ Best Man toasting Bride & Groom
___ Bride & Groom with Champagne glasses
___ Close-up of Bride and Groom Toasting
___ Bride & Groom's kiss after the toast
___ Bride Showing Rings to Bridesmaids
___ Shots of Guests at Tables
___ Grandma Standing on Table Leading Polish Drinking Cheer
___ Wedding Cake (Prior to Cutting)
___ Bride & Groom cutting cake
___ Bride feeding Groom
___ Groom feeding Bride
___ Kiss after cutting cake
___ Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Together
___ Bride tossing bouquet
___ Groom taking off garter
___ Groom Tossing the Garter
___ Putting the Garter on Whoever Caught It
___ Guests dancing
___ Bride & Groom's last dance
___ Shots of the Band or DJ
___ Candid Shots (Do you have something special in mind?)
___ Family Portraits as Appropriate (Again, do you have something special in mind?)
___ “Getaway” Shots
___ Guests Departing


___ Close up of invitation
___ Bride or Groom with special friends
___ Bride or Groom with special relatives
___ Portrait of Minister / Rabbi / Ship’s Captain / etc.
___ Breaking of the Glasses (Jewish Wedding)
___ Shots from the Mass (Catholic Wedding)
___ Shots from Communion
___ Shots from the tailgate party before the wedding (Polish Wedding)