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Cougars and Kittens 2001 Calendar

Sorry folks... Wish we had better news for those of you who might've wanted one of these fine 2001 calendars; but at this point they're all sold out and there are no plans to go to press with them again.

Those of you who got your orders in last year may now have a collector's item on your hands. And those of you who missed out might want to have a look over the auction sites to see if you can pick one up secondhand.

The good news is that the 2002 Cougars and Kittens calendar will be available shortly.

The 2002 calendar, like the 2001 calendar before it, will be a 12 month affair with a total of fourteen color plates (12 months and front and rear covers). Each color plate will be 8.5 inches x 11 inches (~19cm x ~25cm) and the entire calendar when fully open will be 11 inches x 17 inches (~25cm x ~38cm). In total, there will be a dozen cars of a variety of vintage, colors, and models. And, of course there will be a similarly large helping of kittens in blonde, brunette, and redhead.

The cost of the 2002 calendar has also been reduced to $14 (with further price incentives for pre-ordering), so it's even more of a bargain than before.

You're heartily encouraged to have a look at the 2002 calendar by clicking here.

If you have any questions regarding the 2002 calendar, please feel free to contact Overton Photographic at

Thanks to everyone who's helped produce these things over the last few years. And look for us to be shooting the 2003 calendar at some of the shows next year!