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Overton Photographic "12 Minute Mystery Meat Developer"
         This is the film developer to use on "mystery meat" films. When you're not sure how a B&W film was exposed -- or even what kind of film it is or how it was stored -- immersing it in this developer with initial and subsequent agitation for 12 minutes will most likely produce a printable negative.
         Unlike the classic "D-76" formula that is commonly used to develop films of unknown type, origin, or exposure, our "Mystery Meat" formula does not contain borax decahydrate or balanced alkali ("Kodalk"). It's pH is therefore slightly lower than D-76 (thus the 12 minute developing time) and the more even development likely to produce an image where D-76 might not.
         It is, however, high in sodium sulfite (a preservative) and stock solutions may last up to two years in tightly stoppered bottles. (And this can be quite handy if dealing with "Mystery Meat" film isn't something you do every day.)
         This developer is also extremely popular with Holga enthusiasts, whose $8 cameras are not known for their exposure accuracy.
         Finally, it can be used to produce brilliant negatives at 8-12 minutes developing time for film properly exposed under low-contrast or controlled (studio) lighting situations.
         Sold in powdered form to mix with distilled water to make 1 liter of stock solution. Stock is diluted 1:1 with distilled water for processing.
Download technical datasheet.
Order powder to make 1L stock solution.
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