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Basic Optics

Geometric optics & basic Fourier transform theory

Basic Chemistry

Fundamentals of silver halide reactions

Intermediate Chemistry

How developers and fixers work


Internegatives, motion picture films, etc.

Pyrogallol (1,2,3-Trihydroxybenzene)

The world's great black-and-white chemistry.

Advanced Chemistry

Color chemistries and reversal processes

Alternative Process

Silver isn't the only game in town...

Notes on Archival (Museum Grade) Process

Silver reduction and image stability

Film Reviews

Quality reviews of common films

Commercial Chemistry Reviews

Quality reviews of common commercial chemistries

Paper Reviews
Quality reviews of common printing papers
Let's Experiment
Technical experiments you can try at home
The Zone System
What is the Zone System and how do I use it?
Safety First
Proper handling of toxic materials -- and what to do if poisoned.